Skeletons of Empires: A Scenario for AR in 2020 [Video]

Earlier today, I participated in an online panel discussion sponsored by IEEE called “Skeletons of Empires: A Scenario for AR in 2020.”

CaptureThis was part of IEEE’s series of discussions on the various possible ways in which augmented reality and related technologies (especially the mesh of interconnected sensors known as the Internet of Things) could be implemented. As the title suggests, this discussion focused on some of the potential downsides o the technology, including invasion of privacy, crime, harassment, even terrorism.  I also discuss some of the factors that will moderate these risks, as well as the limitations on legal regulation of the medium.

But the discussion is worth watching mostly for the insights of my co-panelists, David Wood (chair of the London Futurists and smartphone pioneer) and Simon Solotko (CMO at Tagaboom and involved with several other AR companies), as well as host Christine Perey (a champion of AR standardization). I found it an engaging and enlightening conversation to participate in, and I hope you enjoy it.