VOX: The 4D Summit – Augmented Reality for Creatives

I am extremely excited to help announce VOX – the first annual summit dedicated to creative expression, storytelling, and user experience in augmented reality.  It will be hosted by the amazing folks at daqri–one of the world’s leading AR companies–and I am honored to be one of the small group discussion facilitators for the event.

The following description is borrowed from daqri’s blog.  Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of the post for more information and to request an invitation to this unique gathering.


The purpose of VOX is to discuss the creative evolution of augmented reality as a communication tool for artists and designers. The word VOX is Latin for voice as well as a reference to voxels, or volumetric pixels. We propose a new narrative about augmented reality: that it is a new voice designers and artists can choose to speak in, a new tool to add to their arsenal, not intended to replace other mediums, but rather to expand their palette in the realm of interactive storytelling. The VOX Summit will be a mixture of inspirational talks, small group workshops, and art exhibitions. To enable truly meaningful conversations, VOX will be small, focused, and will provide ample aesthetic inspiration.


Thoughout the summit speakers with various perspectives on the AR field will inspire us, discussing the evolution of augmented reality from a technical exercise into a user experience tool unlike any other. We are thrilled to have Daniel Suarez, author of the best selling techno-thrillers Daemon and Freedom, as well as his latest work, Kill Decision, joining us in our discussion. Helen Papagiannis, esteemed PhD researcher and designer in the field of augmented reality, will lead us into a place of Méliès-like wonder. We are also very fortunate to have a man I like to think of as a modern Renaissance thinker, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, architect of Bing Maps, recipient of MIT’s Technology Review’s prestigious TR35 (35 top inovators under 35) and veteran speaker at TED presenting; in case you haven’t seen it, his 2007 presentation remains one of the most viewed TED talks. And to address the burgeoning entertainment and gaming opportunities in augmented reality, we have the eminently accomplished Chris HewishHead of Global Interactive at DreamWorks and a former EP at Activision. daqri CEO Brian Mullins will act as a guiding light throughout the event, framing the next visual revolution and bringing to bear his 10+ years of experience in augmented reality.

At the heart of the summit are our in-depth facilitated workshops, one-of-a-kind experiences that will offer attendees the opportuntity to forge deep new connections and explore ideas together in a collaborative and experiential context. Each workshop will have a designated theme, such as Augmented Reality Narratives in Science, Theater, or Communication, and will be led by an expert in their given field. Each group will engage around solving a practical problem: figuring out how to best tell a specific story guided by augmented reality interfaces and interactions. Technical, creative, and experiential considerations will all be an important part of solving the problem.

Who Will Attend:

Creatives at the intersection of storytelling and technology, artists, game designers, user experience experts, and software designers will make up the majority of the audience.

If you are an artist, software designer, animator or just an individual with a desire to tell a story in a a completely unique and creative way, then request your invitationto this free, invitation-only event.

When and Where:

The Summit will be hosted at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA on September 13-14th 2012. Guests are welcome – but not required – to stay at the historic Hotel aboard the Queen Mary, and a special rate will be honored. Each room is unique and offers a glimpse into an era of unsurpassed luxury on the sea.

For more information, please visit http://voxsummit.com.