The Augmented Reality Event 2012: Day Two

The third annual ARE2012 conference is now winding up. It’s been another great day for learning and getting motivated about the augmented reality industry.

Today I got the chance to give a solo presentation on “AR Law: What’s Around the Corner?”  In 15 minutes, I summarized just a few of the many legal potholes that await AR startups along the road to success.  The three topics I focused on were ARvertising, Privacy, and Negligence/Personal Injury.   I also distributed flash drives loaded with free copies of my new e-book Augmented Legality 1.0, which organizes and collects many of my AR blog articles from the past year.  If you didn’t get a flash drive either in your registration materials or at the presentation, you can download a copy of the e-book here.

But again, there was so much more going on today than just my brief talk.  Here are a collection of tweets from those in attendance today: