Welcome “AR Dirt” to the Blogosphere

I’m happy to see that my friend and colleague Joe Rampolla has joined the blogosphere.  You can find him at ARDirt.com.

Joe has been thinking and speaking about augmented reality and related technologies for years now.  He and I met shortly after I launched this blog, and discovered that we have some very similar ideas and concerns about the promises and dangers of AR.  I’ve quoted him more than once in these pages.

Joe’s perspective is unique, because he brings a law enforcement background to the conversation.  He has been a law enforcement officer for 17 years for a suburban police department in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. In 2003 he was assigned to a regional computer crimes task force in Northern New Jersey. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying and undercover Internet Relay Chat (IRC) investigations. He has taught International law enforcement at Microsoft in Redmond WA, in the Ontario Canadian Providence, and taught cyber crime topics to all levels of law enforcement for the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. In his spare time he teaches in various diverse communities as an outreach coordinator for homeland security interests. Joe serves as a consultant for various organizations across the United States and presents for the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA) and Fox Valley Technical College.

AR Dirt features not only his blog, but also his new book on AR, video, an Innovators Q&A, AR news, and more.  With Joe’s commitment and enthusiasm, I’m sure we’ll see this site grow into an important resource for the AR industry.

What’s more, Joe has honored me by choosing me as his first interviewee.  You can read my “Innovator’s Q&A” here.