Augment Your Breakfast With Learning at AWE 2014

Attending this year’s Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara? As the Culture Chair of the event, I’ve collaborated with the organizers to hold “Augmented Breakfast” round table discussions on each morning of the conference. Between 8:00-9:00 on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, gather with us in Ballroom G&H (near the registration desk) for a chance to […]

Ingress AR Game Impacting Kansas Law Enforcement?

I recently stumbled across this post from a Kansas law enforcement lobbyist, originally posted in January 2014. It purports to describe “a number” of 911 calls in Park City about “suspicious persons” who turned out to be playing the augmented reality game Ingress. The article also cites one of my blog posts as an example […]

State Business Courts – New Rules for Tech Disputes

If you file a lawsuit involving intellectual property, information technology, software, or website development, maintenance, or hosting in my home state of Michigan, it will likely end up in one of the state’s new “business courts.” These are specialized dockets assigned to designated judges and designed to promote quicker, more cost-effective dispute resolution. Over the past […]