Walking in Snow: iBeacon, BLE, and Privacy

One of the lesser-heralded features in iOS7 is “iBeacon,” Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. To the extent anyone is talking about this yet, iBeacon has been seen as a rival to the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used by Samsung, or a convenient way to pipe coupons into your phone.  But history […]

Another Augmented Reality Gamer Arrested–But With Good Reason?

News is spreading that a student at  H. L. Bourgeois High School in Gray, Louisiana was arrested last week after posting a YouTube video of himself using the AR app Real Strike to simulate a machine gun attack on his classmates.  As most AR technology does, Real Strike–which bills itself as the “First-Ever Augmented-Reality Gun App”–superimposes digital […]

Judge’s Anti-Facebook Rant Gets Child Pornographer’s Sentence Vacated

With all the warnings I give about saying too much online, it’s also important to remember that what we say offline has consequences as well. Senior Judge Warren W. Eginton of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut was recently reminded of that fact by the Court of Appeals for the Second […]

New Kindle E-Book: “Social Media and School Discipline”

Just in time for Back to School season, I’m offering Social Media & School Discipline, my first e-book on the Kindle platform. It’s a brief but comprehensive survey of the case law involving discipline of students and faculty over social media content, in public and private K-12 schools and universities. The book contains plenty of never-before-published […]