AR Troll’s Patent Gets Re-Examined

In the comedy classic Dumb & Dumber, a woman tells Jim Carrey’s character that his chances with her are “one in a million.”  Undaunted, he responds, “so you’re saying there’s a chance!” The augmented reality industry’s chances of seeing the patent that Lennon Image Technologies has been using for the past year to wreak havoc […]

Collegiate Catfishing Prank Rolls Two Students Out of Ball State

Over the years I’ve cataloged the difficulties courts and public schools have had with drawing the line between merely childish expression protected by the First Amendment and disruptive behavior that schools can lawfully punish.  In many cases those issues get easier in the university setting, because the students are now (legally) adults in a setting […]

Trademarks in the Augmented Reality Industry

One sure sign of a healthy industry is the growth of intellectual property developed by companies in the field.  I’ve blogged a lot lately about augmented reality patents–both their creation and litigation over them.  But other forms of AR-related IP are expanding as well.  Trademarks are what companies use to distinguish themselves and their products […]