Double Whammy – Augmented Retailer Ditto Hit With Second Patent Lawsuit

No sooner had I finished reporting on a new wave of patent infringement lawsuits filed in March 2013 against retailers such as Ditto Technologies–the innovative leader in “virtual try-on” technology for eyewear–than I learned about a second lawsuit aimed specifically at Ditto that had been filed a month earlier, in February.  Unlike the series of […]

Augmented Reality Patent Troll At It Again

Last year I reported on a six nearly identical lawsuits that Lennon Image Technologies LLC filed alleging patent infringement against online retailers using webcam-based augmented reality user interfaces.  Each complaint was based on the same patent: US 6,624,843 B2, issued Sep. 23, 2003 and titled “Customer Image Capture and Use Thereof in a Retailing System.”  Three of those lawsuits–the […]

Conference Speakers Should Follow FTC Guidelines for Sponsored Social Media Posts

I’ve done quite a bit of public speaking over the past few years, including on the rules governing commercial use of social media.  Recently, I was invited to present to a conference of speakers bureau professionals on the rules their speakers should follow when writing in social media about the events at which they speak. […]

Does Your Workplace Have a Sousveillance Policy?

Remember the good old days–like, last year–when all that most companies needed to know about their employee’s social media activity is that the company should have a policy about it?  Well, those halcyon days are long gone.  Now it’s only a matter of days before thousands of newly minted “Google Explorers” start wearing their Google […]

Augmented Reality as Free Speech – A First Amendment Analysis

Does the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protect the right to augment reality? As with most legal questions about augmented reality (or “AR”), we can’t answer definitively, because no court has yet considered the issue.  But with consumer-level digital eyewear just around the corner, we will soon be faced with questions just like […]