FTC Issues Best Practices for Facial Recognition Privacy

On October 22, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission released a report entitled “Facing Facts: Best Practices for Common Uses of Facial Recognition Technologies”.  The FTC has had its eye on this technology for a long time–at least since the workshop it held on the subject in December 2011–aware that it is being implemented by a […]

Social Media Policies for Every Constituency: My Keynote at the Hawaii Social Media Summit [VIDEO]

I had the honor of being invited to deliver the closing keynote address at last week’s 2012 Hawaii Social Media Summit.  Aside from the fantastic climate, it was also invigorating to be among so many professionals dedicated to making the most of social media in their respective businesses.  I believe Hawaiian businesses are uniquely qualified […]

Student Council President Vindicates Free Speech Rights on Facebook, But Removed Anyway

The case Lack v. Kersey is a few months old, but with school now back in session and Homecoming season just ending, its lessons are nevertheless still timely. Student Council President Rueben Lack filed a federal lawsuit seeking reinstatement as the student council president at Alpharetta High School near Atlanta, Georgia.   Lack maintained that […]

The Real Reason Walmart’s Social Media Policy Survived and Costco’s Didn’t (Hint: It’s Not “Defamation”)

The legal blogosphere has been tripping over itself to write about the National Labor Relations Board’s September 7, 2012 Costco decision.  As the first social media-related decision from the NLRB itself–previous cases had been from lower administrative law judges or nonbinding guidance from the NLRB’s general counsel–it deserved careful attention.   Unfortunately, in the rush […]

Sock Puppetry in Social Media: an Interview With Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez is a New York Times bestselling author of three amazing hi-tech thrillers, and has become a darling of the augmented reality community.  But his books, his real-world experience in IT security, and his ideas go far beyond any one technological field.  His latest novel, Kill Decision, follows a covert military intelligence team as […]

Patent Troll Launches Infringement Litigation War on Augmented Reality Retailers

Last week I described a wide-ranging patent that Zugara received for its virtual dressing room AR technology.  This week I discovered* a series of six patent infringement lawsuits that another company has filed against 10 separate defendants over their use of similar technology–including at least one site designed by Zugara.  The AR patent wars that […]