Join the New “Augmented Legality” Group on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn groups are one of the most effective means available for bringing together a diverse collection of professionals to discuss and learn about a particular topic.  Every week, I’m excited to see the conversations that spring up in several groups around a blog post that I’ve shared. Now AUGMENTED LEGALITY® has a LinkedIn group of […]

Socializing Over State Lines: Social Media as a Basis for Personal Jurisdiction

When can using social media get you sued in a state that you don’t live in, and may never even have visited? The “Minimum Contacts” Standard for Personal Jurisdiction That’s a question of “personal jurisdiction,” the legal term of art for a court’s right to exercise its judicial power over a specific person.  Whether or […]

My Interview on the AR Dirt Podcast – Plus a Discount Code to ARE2012!

My friend Joe Rampolla is an law enforcement officer and a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying and undercover Internet Relay Chat (IRC) investigations.   He’s also leading the pack with the first-ever podcast dedicated solely to augmented reality.  Joe already honored me with a  written interview […]

Augmented Reality, Keyword Advertising, and Trademarks

Augmented reality advertising is already upon us, and I believe that it will soon open up a new and heated round of litigation over where the lines are between fair and unfair advertising and use of competitors’ trademarks. The Confusion Over Keywords and Sponsored Ads The growth of commercial internet over the past 20 years […]

Pinterest and Copyright: Repinning Is Not Reproduction

Pinterest, now the third-largest social network in the United States, has been under intense public scrutiny in recent weeks.   Many have wondered very vocally if the site is facilitating copyright infringement on a mass scale, a la Napster a decade ago. That’s a big question, and I’m not going to try to answer it here.  […]

Analysis of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act

Startups are fueling innovation throughout the social media, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies industries.  Now a new federal law is about to be adopted that aims to make it easier for these businesses to raise capital.  The following client alert summarizes the key provisions of the new JOBS Act and is reprinted with permission […]