Welcome “AR Dirt” to the Blogosphere

I’m happy to see that my friend and colleague Joe Rampolla has joined the blogosphere.  You can find him at ARDirt.com. Joe has been thinking and speaking about augmented reality and related technologies for years now.  He and I met shortly after I launched this blog, and discovered that we have some very similar ideas […]

[VIDEO] My Presentation to the ARNY Meetup

At its December 27, 2011 gathering, the Augmented Reality New York (ARNY) Meetup presented a video I had recorded for the event.  The video was a summary of the FTC Complaint filed this Fall against PepsiCo and Frito-Lay, alleging that their AR marketing campaign for the Doritos Late Night brand amounted to “deceptive marketing” that […]

This Week in Social Media Law: Dec. 23, 2011

Freedom of Speech:     Indian Court Tells Social Networking Sites To Remove Anti-Religious Content: bit.ly/vujBhy — Brian Wassom (@bdwassom) December 22, 2011 Does using Facebook make you ‘famous’ for First Amendment/Right of Publicity purposes? shar.es/W3GQu #fb — Brian Wassom (@bdwassom) December 21, 2011   Law Enforcement: Man Charged After Photo of Girl Bound by […]

Government Officials Behaving Badly in Social Media

The past couple weeks has seen a rash of news stories about elected officials and public employees posting inappropriate or otherwise embarrassing comments in social media.  For example: On December 8, 2011, three staffers for Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) were fired after their inappropriate tweets dating back to July came to light.  Among other things, […]

This Week in Augmented Reality

Don’t follow me on Twitter?  Then you’re missing out on my daily links to new and interesting developments in the world of AR.  And since Twitter’s recent redesign now makes it easier than ever to embed tweets directly into blog pages, I now bring you this summary of the news that I’ve shared this week: […]

How I’ve Used Social Media in Trademark Litigation

I never cease to be amazed at what people will write in social media–or at how useful some of those posts can be in court.  Click here to read my latest post, titled “Mining Social Network Sites for Evidence in Litigation,” which is guest-hosted on my friend Paige Mill’s blog, IP@Tennessee [& beyond].  Paige is […]