Political Activism, Social Change, and Augmented Reality

Superimposing digital data on the physical world is not just for the 1%.  As more of our innovators, artisans, and marketers experiment with augmented reality, the tumultuous politics of our times are beginning to follow suit. Protests and Social Change This year’s Occupy movement broke new ground in various ways that will keep sociologists and […]

Social Media in Child Custody Cases

When parents are fighting tooth-and-nail with each other–or with the state–for custody of their children, they leave no stone unturned. And like most other groups in society, parents and kids alike increasingly turn to social media to carry out their relationships and vent their frustrations. It’s not surprising, therefore, to see all the ugliness of […]

Beyond Doritos: How Else Might AR Be Called “Deceptive”?

As my readers are now well-aware, augmented reality marketing campaigns are now on the radar of consumer advocacy groups.  Last month, four of these groups filed a complaint claiming that a Doritos campaign involving augmented “virtual concerts” was “too immersive” for teenagers to handle, and “deceptively” blurred the lines between advertising and entertainment. Marketers should […]

When Do Social Marketing Pranks Go Too Far?

If you saw this post on the Facebook or Twitter stream of your friend–or your child–how would you react? I recently blogged about the FTC complaint filed against PepsiCo and Frito-Lay over its series of Doritos Late Night digital marketing campaigns.  That prior post focused on the augmented reality portions of that campaign.  But also […]

And Now for Some Shameless Self-Promotion

My commitment to you, my readers, has consistently been to provide you with fresh, original content at least once a week.  That’s not as often as some blogs.  But I have also avoided simply regurgitating content from other sources just to have something to post.  Rather, I want this to be a source of original […]