First, They Came for the Doritos: AR Campaign Spurs Legal Complaint, With More to Come

It’s on.   For real, this time.  Unlike the prisoner lawsuit I discussed last month, a newly filed legal complaint raises non-imaginary (although certainly still-untested) legal theories concerning an actual, commercial use of augmented reality.  AR litigation is now a cold, hard reality.  And the result of this initial salvo could have a huge impact […]

AR & the Law – My Presentation at the Mobile AR Event

On October 11, I had the great honor of presenting at the Mobile AR Event, held in San Diego during the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Conference. It was a privilege to share the stage with representatives from such AR pioneers as daqri, Layar, GoldRun, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Metaio, Second Site, and others. My subject, appropriately enough, […]

More Social Media Sackings

  Just a few more examples of how bad online behavior can get people fired: Dudley v. 4-McCar-T, Inc. (W.D. Va. May 4, 2011):  Dudley was an employee of the defendant’s McDonald’s franchise.  The court’s opinion describes him as “insolent,” insubordinate,” and a “brat,” among other things, so his termination was based on a lot […]

(Updated) Think There’s No Hurry to Patent Your AR Inventions?

**Updated on Dec. 10, 2011 with patent numbers, hyperlinks, and more excerpts.** Think again. For one thing, the United States recently changed its approach to determining patent priority.  It used to be that even if someone else beat you to the punch in applying to register an invention, you could undo their patent by proving […]