LinkedIn and Litigation

It’s relatively hard to find lawsuits featuring evidence from LinkedIn.  By contrast, cases in which (often salacious or embarrassing) Facebook or MySpace posts become the key evidence are getting to be a dime a dozen.  That’s just a function of the types of content being shared on these sites.  By and large, you won’t find […]

A Distinctive Touch: Augmented Textures and Haptic Trademarks

Soon, technologies that augment our sense of touch may lead to a rush of trademark applications seeking to protect a wide variety of artificial textures. The Dawn of Haptic AR? A few days back, the @Augmentology Twitter account pointed out the website of an interesting Helsinki-based company called Senseg. Senseg advertises its “E-Sense” technology as […]

Google Maps Shows the Path to Avoiding Liability for User Injuries

Why did Lauren Rosenberg cross the road?  Probably not for the purpose of creating case law that will help shield publishers in augmented, social, and other digital media from liability when users of those media hurt themselves.  But that’s exactly what she accomplished. Ms. Rosenberg is a Utah resident.  One day she found herself wanting […]

The Gangs of MySpace: Social Media Evidence in Gang Prosecutions

I talk a lot on this blog about the importance of companies having a social media policy for their employees.  Who knew that street gangs could use the same advice? “Symbols are an important part of the gang culture,” writes one expert.  “Signs and symbols are used to identify a particular gang or to intimidate […]