Public Companies, Social Media, and SEC Regulation FD

Public companies are using social media to amplify the impact of their public statements and increase shareholder engagement. For example, companies are “live tweeting” (i.e., posting updates to Twitter in real time as an event is happening) their earning calls and annual meetings. A social media site called StockTwits curates such information in real time. […]

Augmenting Automotive Safety

Using AR to make the driving experience safer seems to be a hot idea right now.  In his keynote speech at the recent Augmented Reality Event (ARE2011) Conference, Jaron Lanier of Microsoft stressed that automobile injuries are at an unacceptably high level–and that AR can help.  My recent post examined the opposite side of the […]

ARE2011 – The Augmented Reality Event

Apologies for not having posted substantive content this week. I spent most of the week in Santa Clara, California attending the second annual Augmented Reality Event. ARE2011 was a fantastic gathering of nearly all the active players in the entire AR industry, from the humblest startup to giants like Microsoft and Qualcomm. It featured dozens […]

No Augmenting Reality While Driving?

A recent article in MIT’s Technology Review raises several, very practical questions about how the daily use of augmented reality eyewear will affect us. I want to focus here on just one of the issues it raises–the risks of driving while augging. Driver distraction is already widely recognized as an epidemic. Simply talking on your […]

Augmented Reality Tattoos and Copyright Law

Two completely unrelated stories broke in the past week that, when considered together, raise interesting questions for the augmented reality industry. (Just the sort of serendipity for which the blogosphere is designed!) The first was the news that the artist behind Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo had filed a copyright infringement suit against Warner Brothers for […]

Roundup of Recent Social Media Sackings

Almost every day brings a new example of something you can do online to get yourself fired. They serve as continuing reminders that the subtle seduction of social media can turn one unwise comment into a career-terminating event. Here are a few recent examples: Brown v. Montgomery County, 2011 US Dist Lexis 35811 (E.D. Pa. […]

Authenticating Social Media Evidence (Or, “Boozy, His Boo, and What Not to Do”)

In prior posts, I’ve discussed the problem of proving identity online: how do you know that someone is who they say they are online? Anyone using social media asks that question (or ought to) every time they engage in an online conversation. It might be easy to answer that question if we’re messaging with a […]