Projection Mapping, AR, and Architectural Copyrights

I have to admit: it took me awhile to “get” projection mapping. If you haven’t heard about it, “projection mapping” was defined by Mashable as ” a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video.” I had seen references to this “new technology” in a few different places recently, and it appears to […]

Forget Facial Recognition–Body Recognition May Be the Real Privacy Concern

“Take a picture; it’ll last longer.” Many times has that bit of sarcasm been directed at people who stare just a little too long. But suppose the guy is staring because he’s taking your picture? That creepy scenario may play itself out sooner than we think. While many commentators are (rightly) concerned about the ramifications […]

Going Fishing on Facebook

The rules of discovery in U.S. courts are intentionally quite liberal. Generally speaking, parties can “discover” (that is, force the other side or a third party to disclose) any documents or information that are relevant to any claim or defense in the lawsuit. And it doesn’t have to be admissible in court to be “relevant”; […]

V-discovery: Litigating in Augmented Reality

Mo’ technology, mo’ problems. Advances in digital and computing technologies can make litigation, like anything else, more effective and efficient. Lawyers have so many more tools at their disposal for crafting and communicating persuasive arguments than they did 10, or even five years ago. But all this technology is also giving lawyers a whole lot […]