While You Were Sleeping… I Infringed Your Publicity Rights on Facebook

It’s fairly well-understood by now that impersonation is a significant problem on the internet. How do you know that a person speaking online actually is who they say they are? Different social media sites handle the issue in their own ways. Twitter will offer certain well-known users the option of a “Verified” account. Facebook requests […]

Defining Terms: What is Augmented Reality?

You can’t have an informed discussion–especially in the legal context–without first defining the terms that you’re using. This blog is going to talk a lot about “augmented reality” (or “AR”), so it’s important to understand exactly what we mean by that phrase. I’ve already given one definition–“overlaying digital data on the physical world”–but let’s see […]

Evolving Standards of Online Decency?

For as long as there has been social media (lo these handful of years), seldom a day has passed without a news story about someone’s online post getting them fired. Teenager tweeting her boredom at work? Canned. Teacher griping about students on Facebook? Fired. Professional athlete trash-talks his management online? Booted. And so on. By […]

The Coming Conundra: Real Laws In an Augmented Reality

(c) 2010 Brian D. Wassom. This article was originally published in the Winter 2011 issue of SideBAR, the newsletter of the Federal Bar Association’s Litigation Section. Over the past decade, there has been no shortage of articles, CLEs, and speeches in legal circles about the implications of “virtual reality.” Many an academic hand has been […]